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About the Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC)

In 2007, transmission of full-motion digital television signals to mobile and handheld devices was proven technically feasible. Leaders of the broadcasting industry came together to make mobile digital television a reality. They formed the Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC) -- a group of major broadcasters and service providers with the goal of accelerating the development and rollout of mobile DTV products and services in order to maximize the full potential of the digital television spectrum. Currently, the OMVC membership includes 900 broadcast stations, 14 of the top manufacturers and service providers and sixteen out of the top 20 station groups nationwide.

OMVC Initiatives

OMVC’s scope includes promoting development of industry technical standards, technical requirements, conditions, protocols, reference implementations, test suites, and best practices related to enabling mobile digital television. The Coalition's advocacy efforts focus on accelerating the development of mobile digital broadcast TV technology, solutions and content, driving regulatory support, as well as promoting consumer mobile DTV adoption.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mobile digital television?

Mobile digital television is an enhancement to the existing terrestrial digital television system that allows a high quality digital video signal to be received by a moving receiver, either at pedestrian or vehicular speeds. A wide variety of content available for mobile video, including many of the same channels, services and programs that are available at home today, but the specific content will be decided only when the service is commercialized.In addition, users may be able to access weather, traffic and public safety information.

What kinds of devices are supported?

Most video-capable devices can receive mobile digital video by adding a receiver module to the device. Videocapable devices in the market today include tablets, mobile phones, video-capable MP3 players, laptop computers, portable game players, digital cameras and camcorders, portable DVD players, personal navigation devices and in-car entertainment systems, among others.

What is Neustar's role in Mobile Digital Television and for the OMVC?

Neustar is operating all aspects of the PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) for Mobile Television and serving as the Root Certificate Authority – an authoritative registry and database of devices and service providers connected to and offering mobile digital television services. To provide enhanced security necessary for the delivery of enhanced services, Neustar is generating, serving and managing the certificates and keys necessary for the secure connection and use of the service by connected personal digital devices. The Certificate Authority service that Neustar is providing is independent of, but will work with and is compatible with conditional access technologies. Neustar is building out the technology infrastructure to support the initiative and is already well underway in helping make mobile digital television a reality.

What does this mean for broadcasters wishing to use the Mobile DTV service?

Broadcasters wishing to provide Mobile DTV service will work with Neustar to generate and provide all of the necessary certificates and other security credentials to ensure that the broadcaster’s service is offered in a secure and authenticated manner to all compliant downstream devices. Major broadcast stations and broadcast station groups, including the Mobile Content Venture and The Mobile500 Alliance, are anticipated to enter into agreements with Neustar to launch services.

What does this mean for device manufacturers wishing to build devices to connect to the Mobile DTV service?

Device manufacturers wishing to build new devices to connect to Mobile DTV services will work with Neustar to generate and embed the necessary certificates and other security credentials into compliant devices capable of accessing the Mobile DTV service. Device manufacturers will need to enter into a separate agreement directly with Neustar with respect to the provision of secure digital certificates for devices designed to work with Mobile DTV services.


Device Manufacturer Certificate fee: $.04 per certificate

The annual Rights Issuer Service Provider fee is based on active subscribers as highlighted below.

Active Subscriber Devices

Less than 1,000,000

1,000,001 to 2,000,000

2,000,001 to 16,000,000

16,000,001 to 32,000,000

More than 32,000,000







Annual Fee






Additional Information

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